Martinsville and Danville hospitals form SOVAH Health

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Two hometown hospitals are joining forces.

Soon, Danville Regional Medical Center and Memorial Hospital of Martinsville and Henry County will be known as SOVAH Health.

This is not a sale. The two hospitals already have the same ownership so this is a natural thing.

The two are coming together because as both CEOs say, it will ensure success for the future.

They say it's like pencils.

"If you have one pencil it's easy to break, if you put five together it's more difficult to break those pencils," says Danville Regional Medical Center CEO, Alan Larson.

It will be known as a regional heath system rather than two separate hospitals.

"The healthcare that they see today will be the same healthcare for the future. We're doing this for the strength and growth opportunities to stabilize our hospitals against future uncertainties," says Larson.

This has been a discussion for months and hospital leadership says, they've gotten positive feedback.

They say this will give them a larger footprint and allow them to recruit even more skilled physicians.

"We think as a regional health system we're gonna have more opportunities to attract specialists and subspecialists and to bring physicians into our community so care can be delivered close to home," says Memorial Hospital of Martinsville and Henry County CEO, Michael Ehart.

This isn't the first time two hospitals have merged like this. The hospitals that have, have been successful.

Much like a group of pencils.

"We think that we can grow and add more pencils to our bundle as we go over time," says Larson.

Both hospitals are still being owned by Lifepoint.

The CEOs say the collaboration should be complete by the end of the year.