Martinsville and Henry County host 'Shop with Cops'

MARTINSVILLE, VA. (WDBJ7) “That’s the one I wanted right there.”

Gage Alderman is picking out his own holiday gifts this year.

“The Play Station 4 card 'cause you can play online with it," Gage said about one of the items on his Christmas list.

He, his mother and two brothers recently moved to Martinsville.

“It was difficult just knowing that I couldn’t do it," Marla Alderman said. "That my family was going to struggle this Christmas because I couldn’t afford to buy them things.”

So Alderman reached to different organizations for help.

“They called me this week and were like could you be here on Saturday," Alderman said.

“The Martinsville Sheriff’s Office, the Martinsville Police Department and Henry County Sheriff’s Office get together with kids in the community and we take them shopping," Captain Tim Mills with the Martinsville Sheriff's Office said.

Each kid had a $100 spending limit. This year over 60 children are being helped.

“I got some camo. I got a base layer. A jacket, a beanie and a hat," Gage said.

For he and his mom, it’s a Christmas they’ll never forget.

“I really appreciate that they did all this for us kids," Gage said.

“It’s kinda like a dream come true. My wishes have been met. I don’t expect them to have a thousand dollar Christmas. Just having something," Marla said.