Martinsville looks to contract their Parks and Recreation Department to the YMCA

Published: Aug. 27, 2018 at 6:06 PM EDT
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The city of Martinsville is looking to no longer be in charge of the programming associated with their Parks and Recreation Department.

"We would try to see how it would work to let the YMCA take care of all of our programming for the Parks and Rec Department," said Assistant City Manager and Community Development Director, Wayne Knox.

For the last several months, the department has been without a Parks and Rec director. Several years ago, the city had looked into this partnership, but never solidified anything.

If city council approves the Y taking over, it could start as soon as September 1st.

"If it doesn't work for us, if it doesn't work for the Y, either one of us could go back to the way it is today and we can seek a parks and rec director but this just gives us the opportunity to try something different," said Mayor Gene Teague.

The city typically spends $80,000 a year for their Parks and Recreation Department. They would only pay the YMCA $50,000, saving $30,000 a year.

"Hopefully it will be an expanded service because the Y already has a certain set of programs that they're working on so this allows them to sort of have a larger economies of scale because they'd get to have a larger group," said Teague.

Since the city is looking to start this agreement right away, the rest of 2018 would be prorated. The senior center would not be affected by this agreement and the maintenance of all parks in the city would stay the same.

City Council will vote on this Tuesday night at their regularly scheduled meeting.