Martinsville nursing home holds Christmas shopping day for residents

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) For those of you keeping track, there's just 12 shopping days left until Christmas!

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit a store or the mall to pick out the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one.

One rehab center in Martinsville is making holiday shopping a little easier for its residents.

"Words cannot describe how wonderful it is," says resident, Jack Hollar.

The first floor of Blue Ridge Rehab Center was transformed into a department store on Tuesday.

"If you're in a nursing home this time of year, you don't have the luxury of just hopping in your car and going to the local mall, or going to the dollar store," says Blue Ridge Marketing Director, Tilisa Riddle Roberts.

Residents got five "Chris Bucks" to spend on anything they wanted. They could buy for a loved one, or get something for themselves.

"A lot of the people enjoy it. You can tell. You look around and see the crowd, how they're coming through, and everybody wants to be first or second," says Hollar.

The room was crowded, with people trying to use their money wisely.

Blue Ridge staff say it's a privilege to put on the event.

"Every day when we come in, they bless us, so this is the time, today is the day we can give back to them, and just have some Christmas fun and spirit," says Riddle Roberts.

Watching residents peruse the store and seeing them find the perfect gift for someone they love is something the facility's managers call "priceless."

"We get excited, I mean where else can you go and see the joy on people's faces this time of year? This is what it's all about," says Riddle Roberts.