Martinsville officials warn of distemper outbreak in wildlife

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Martinsville Police and the SPCA are warning citizens of a possible distemper outbreak among wildlife.

In the last week, they've had seven reported cases of wild animals, like raccoons and foxes, having unusual behavior including being out during the day and not being afraid of humans.

They're worried about people's pets coming in contact with a sick animal.

"If you see wildlife, don't approach it. Call the professionals. Call animal control. Call 911. Let the professionals who are trained to handle it, handle that," Martinsville/Henry County SPCA Executive Director Nicole Harris said.

It's worth noting none of the cases have tested positive for rabies and again veterinarians believe the symptoms point to distemper.

The SPCA will be holding an emergency vaccination clinic on April 8.