Martinsville police receive community support after Dallas shootings

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Martinsville police say we need to remember that the majority of the community supports the police, because they support their community.

Captain Robert Fincher says they received multiple calls from community members Friday morning, making sure they were OK, and giving words of support.

Fincher says one of the original principals of policing, which reads "the community are the police and the police the community," rings true during his time an an officer. .

He says there have been situations in Martinsville where community members have come to the aid of an officer needing help.

Fincher says, "Whether it be struggling with a subject or they just needed assistance that the citizens actually come up and help the officer and that's always encouraging."

Fincher says there are always going to be those against any police or government action and right now, those people have a strong voice.

Even with support coming their way, Fincher says the department is really not thinking about itself, but the community and what effect the incident in Dallas will have moving forward.