Scientists in Martinsville uncovering new dinosaur fossils

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Scientists in Martinsville are hoping they've found a new dinosaur species.

Scientists at the Virginia Museum of Natural History found more than 20 new bones during a three-week search in Wyoming.

Parts of feet, legs and hip are now in the process of being cleaned.

Scientists say some of the foot bones will be able to tell them how the dinosaur moved.

"Even though the bones are from an adult, the bones are actually a good bit smaller than a pandasaurus would normally be. And there has not been a really perfect match for it. So this may be a good sign that this is a new species," Curator of Paleontology Alex Hastings said.

The museum is partnering with Lynchburg College.

The fossils come to the museum for cleaning, which you can see if you visit.