Should Martinsville revert to a town?

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Martinsville - A City without Limits.

For the last few years, city leaders say they've been limited by funding.

The city manager says they've been forced to do more with less money.

"Our costs continue to go up, in some cases not significantly, but nevertheless they rise, they increase, where revenue is just not growing, so every year it's that same challenge," says city manager, Leon Towarnicki.

In order to revert to a town the population has to be below 50,000. The city school system would consolidate with the county school system.

The rest, is ultimately up to the city. They can choose to consolidate emergency services, and police.

Residents would also pay a dual tax both to the town and county. The city manager says studies show the combined tax would be less than what city residents currently pay.

"How do you keep things going year after year with less and less while costs continue to escalate? Inevitably reversion is discussed as part of that solution," says Towarnicki.

South Boston's town manager will answer questions about how reversion went for their community in 1995.

"It's going to be a tough road. They have got to be committed to get this done," says South Boston's town manager, Thomas Raab.

Martinsville's city manager looks forward to hearing the information.

"What led to that decision, how that process unfolded as they navigated that, and then since it's occurred what's happened there in the city, how it has been accepted, what have been the changes."

Other localities that have gone through the reversion process are Bedford and Clifton Forge.

No action is being taken on the possible reversion. The city is currently just gathering information.