Martinsville teenager writes and directs film airing at Hollywood Cinema

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) A 13-year-old in Martinsville is already preparing for Hollywood.

Audrey Hope has written and directed her first feature film called EVARB.

That's brave spelled backwards.

Hope always liked acting and presented the story line to her mother.

Her mother was so impressed they decided to make a movie.

Hope says EVARB is about bravery, leadership and persistence.

"In Martinsville everyone is kinda friends, everyone kinda knows everyone. So, go and support people that went out of their comfort zone, people that decided to act for the first time in their life," Writer and Director of EVARB Audrey Hope said.

Hope has also created her own production company.

She is already working on another movie.

EVARB was in theaters this past weekend and will be playing again this coming weekend at Hollywood Cinema in Martinsville.