Martinsville teenager opens his own business

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Most teenagers are worried about things like getting into college or landing their first job.

That's not the case for one Martinsville nineteen-year-old. He's already running his own business, and turning a hobby into a career.

Joseph Fain has loved fish as long as he can remember.

"I ended up really falling in love with fish because I would go out in the creeks and catch little baby rainbow trout and stuff like that, and crawdads and keep them alive," says Fain.

As he grew older, he started purchasing tanks and raising fish. Then, he decided he needed to share his hobby with others and open up JMZ Aquatics at just nineteen-years-old.

"We offered up the idea to a lot of people around here we know that have aquariums and they're like yeah, that's an awesome idea. We went ahead with it and now we're here so now people don't have to drive all that way they can just drive right up the road to get everything they need," he says.

It's the only shop of its kind in the area.

His goal is to educate people about fish and their environments. He says his biggest passion is helping others.

"Seeing people come in here and see things they've never seen before and being able to take it home is pretty much my biggest passion," says Fain.