Martinsville restaurant will hold first ever Pride event Saturday

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - If you drive down East Main Street in Martinsville, you could easily pass a bright blue building on the corner.

But general manager of Shindig Laurence Vanderwoods hopes you'll stop and get something to eat. He also hopes that you'll consider coming to the restaurant on Saturday.

"We're having a pride event. First one in Martinsville city history. Very excited to be able to offer something like that here," said Vanderwoods.

Vanderwoods knew he wanted to start a pride event after attending the one in Roanoke last year.

"You know with our two sister cities which they are, Roanoke this way, Danville this way, we can't be the one in the middle that just sees everyone else flourishing," said Vanderwoods.

Not everyone here though would use the word "flourishing."
The owner of Shindig posted a Facebook status saying she has received a good deal of criticism for allowing a pride event to take place.
To that, she and Vanderwoods want to educate folks what pride is really about.

"Every person on this planet has different beliefs in some point in time and it's just about respecting each other's beliefs," said Vanderwoods.

The restaurant doesn't have any flyers up for the event, the decorations are hidden at Vanderwoods home, but come Saturday, he hopes his community will come together to see:

"It's not anything ugly, it's not anything abnormal. It's just life," said Vanderwoods.

The event starts at 12 PM and will go until Shindig closes at 2 AM. After 6 PM is more "adult themed." Later in the evening there will be a drag show.