Martinsville/Henry County SPCA holds special adoption for the holidays

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) One hometown SPCA has a big goal they want to reach before Santa Claus comes to town.

The Martinsville/Henry County SPCA wants to clear the shelter of all cats and dogs so they can go to their forever homes for the holidays.

It's a big goal. The SPCA currently has 306 animals in their system, but not all of those are here at the shelter, some are in foster care.

The SPCA currently has 166 cats and dogs in their building. The goal in the next eight days is for all of them to be gone.

"Nobody wants to think of a shelter full of animals on Christmas, so it's really important to us to see them get out," says SPCA Front Desk Manager, Hunter Jennings.

Any dog or cat four months and older can be adopted during the next nine days, for a donation. The SPCA says you get to choose the price.

"We have several older dogs and cats here that need homes desperately," says Jennings.

Some of the dogs have been at the SPCA for four months, waiting for a family to pick her.

Remember Winnie? She was one of the puppies found in a landfill in August. She finally found her forever home, and even got to meet Santa! Her brother, Dash, is still up for grabs.

The SPCA says there is a dog or cat for everyone.

"You can find an animal that fits your personality. We have the calm guys. We have the energetic guys," says Catherine Gupton, with the SPCA.

"It would be a miracle to clean out 90% of the animals in our shelter and have them positively placed before the end of the year," says SPCA Executive Director, Nicole Harris.

The SPCA did receive an anonymous donation to cover the cost of 27 adoptions.

At least 27 cats or dogs will be going home for the holidays for free.