Meet the new Radford City Police Chief, Jeff Dodson, Jr.

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7)— There’s a new police chief in the City of Radford. On Friday, WDBJ7 had a chance to meet Chief Jeff Dodson, Jr. for the first time.

Dodson said his first week on the job has been a lot of meet and greet with the department and folks in the community. He said he is excited to continue building bonds within the city.

“I’m honored and excited to be here to start my new role as the Chief of Police with the Radford City Police Department,” Dodson said.

He comes to Radford from the Culpeper Police Department where he worked his way up to now chief in Radford. He said he plans to really work on strengthening community bonds with the department and focusing on engaging the city’s different neighborhoods.

“I think as a police department not only here in Radford, but just law enforcement nationwide, we accomplish more with the citizen support than without them, so we really do need the citizens to help us do our job,” he said.

The new chief also wants to use social media as a tool to connect even better with the citizens.

“With law enforcement, we have to stay current with the times. That’s kind of the way that things are going today, so we have to us that to our advantage,” Dodson said. “We get more information from them, more reports so we gotta have that positive relationship with our community.”

Dodson said he has an open door policy and welcomes anyone to come and visit.

“If there ever truly is a concern or anything that they need me for, I’m always here, willing to talk to them and know them,” he said.

Dodson was born and raised in Culpeper. He has 16 years working in law enforcement under his belt including three with the Culpeper Sheriff’s Department and 13 with the Culpeper Police Department. You can read more about his background here.

The new chief said he will keep making his rounds around the city to continue meeting people within the community. There will be a swearing in ceremony for him later this month.

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