Middle Border Forward kicks off VISION 2035 work groups

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Some meetings designed to improve the Dan River Region are kicking off Tuesday night.

Middle Border Forward is hosting a series of workshops to kick off the VISION 2035 work groups.

The region has spoken up about what changes they'd like to see in the community, in various categories.

The work groups will focus on different things like arts and culture, education, and health and wellness.

"It's not a wish list. It's not a they vision, what we want them, the powers that be, to do for us. It's a we vision, what we, the community, commit to doing together by any means necessary to reach this vision by 2035," says Middle Border Forward Executive Director, Jennifer Gregory.

All of the meetings are free.

Here is the schedule:
Arts & Culture - February 20
Education - February 21
Environment - February 22
Health & Wellness - March 6
Business - March 7
Infrastructure - March 8

All sessions will be hosted at the MBF office (326 Main St, Unit 102) from 5:30pm-7:00pm