Military father surprises kids at Pulaski Yankees game

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PULASKI, Va. (WDBJ7) It was a special night for two young baseball fans in Pulaski who got the surprise of their lives at the Yankees game: their military father home from Kuwait after nine months.

It was a perfect night for baseball in Pulaski, and in the stands were two little fans, Landen and Kara.

But they had no idea as they sit behind home plate, their father Sergent Michael Tabor was hiding in a small room near the field.

Sgt. Tabor said before the surprise, "I cannot wait to see my children and just spend some time with them and watch a little baseball, I cannot wait to see my family."

He was born and raised in Pulaski and went to many Yankees games with his father growing up, so Calfee Park made the most sense for where to surprise his kids.

In the middle of the first inning, the kids were brought on the field for what they thought was a race.

The idea was to put on mascot clothes and run back to high five the Yankees' mascot. But there was a little switch as to who they would be running to.

"I think they're going to go crazy.... I'm probably going to go crazy too," Sgt. Tabor said.

As soon as the kids got to one side, they turned around, and got the surprise of their lives.

Landen made it to his dad first, with Kara running behind screaming, "Daddy! Daddy!"

The three embraced on the field for a few minutes, making up for the last nine months apart.

"It was overwhelming to be near them for a change instead of Skyping 6,500 miles away," Sgt. Tabor said afterwards.

Landen's and Kara's mother Brandi Tabor added, "I know how hard it's been on the kids and Mike being gone, so just seeing the joy on their faces and on Mike's, to have him home and to be able to give him a real life hug again was amazing."

The kids were completely fooled and couldn't have been happier.

Landen exclaimed afterwards, "It was a miracle! My dream came true!"

Kara added, "I like [having] daddy home!" as she gave her father a big hug.

Then the family took in the ball game and began their long awaited catching up.

Sergeant Tabor said he's home for at least six months.

He's a reservist out of Pittsburgh, so after that he answers whenever called upon.

But in his own words, he hopefully home for a while so he can spend all the time he can with his kids.