Millions of dollars headed to DCC for job force training programs

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Butch Kendrick spends a lot of time with robots.

"All day long," said Kendrick.

He's the director of D-C-C's automation and robotics program.
"What you're seeing him do now is he's moving around, but he continues to return back to where he's returning the two points together," said Kendrick as he described the movements of one of the robots he works with regularly.

Robotics is just one of many areas that will benefit from nearly 4.9 million dollars of funding.

"Advanced materials, engineering, welding, precision machining, robotics and animation," said Julie Brown, the director of advanced research for the Institute of Advanced Learning and Research.

It may sound complex, but the goal of the GoTec award from GO Virginia is to make a pipeline of sorts with these programs here in South side - starting with middle school students.

"As many opportunities as we can provide our young people, to get hands on experience, learn about relevancy about what they're learning in
their schools and also connect them to the businesses that are in our footprint," said Brown.

That's where the bigger picture comes into play.

"The most critical piece of infrastructure that we need to have for industry, is highly skilled workers, and if you have those, you stand a much
better chance of having economic development success," said Telly Tucker, the director of economic development for the city of Danville.

More workers, more jobs, and more money? They all equal continued growth.