Mini Maker Faire is added to the Science Fest

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) It was all about teaching the next generation of scientist and that is what was happening at Randolph College's Science Fest, but this year there was something special.

Elana Ordower showed off her science experiment with wildflower seeds. "You get to give your knowledge to someone else and it's fun how you get to show them," said Elana Ordower a Science Fest presenter.

On Randolph College's front lawn there is a moon bounce, petting zoo, and R2D2. It's all apart of Science Fest, but this year they added a Maker's Faire. "Maker Faire celebrates the art of making so we've got people that are professionals, engineering firms, crafters, we've got students showing off projects," said Elise Spontarilli of Maker Faire.

Science Fest started Thursday and more than 3,000 people have passed through Randolph College's campus attending various event like a keynote address to a Lego League Competition. Organizers realize the interactive events like this have a huge impact on youth. "What works and what gets kids involved and excited is getting their hands on these are essential things to be doing," said Peter Sheldon of Randolph College.

Kid's added to quilt, created a wind powered car, and even made a speaker! "It's fun to see them learning and exploring," said Spontarilli.

And for mini scientist and maker Elana hopes her experiment helps other kids grow a better understanding of plants. "Without plants animals wouldn't be able to eat and without animals we might not be able to survive because we wouldn't have enough food so the whole world would be thrown out of balance," said Ordower.