Missing Blacksburg teen's father begs for her safe return

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BLACKSBURG, Va. - It's been three days since anyone has heard from missing Blacksburg teenager, Nicole Lovell.

She was last seen early Wednesday morning. Her father and step-mother are concerned more than ever for her safety.

"Right now I'm scared to death," said David Lovell. He's watching the clock - precious seconds passing by without his daughter Nicole.

The longer she's away, the longer she's without medication she takes after a liver transplant.

"At this point, I know she is sick. She's hurting. She's probably already into convulsions. Her liver is shutting down as we speak. Wherever she is," Lovell said.

He last heard from her about two weeks ago - a short text message just saying hi, I love you, things are good.

Wednesday morning he got a call from Nicole's mother in Blacksburg saying she was missing.

"The only thing she said was the detectives are coming in now," Lovell said.

Her social media accounts are silent. Nothing has been posted by her since she left.
David says he's passing along information her friends have found online to investigators.

"There are things coming through. Me and my wife are digging. My daughter, Nicole's half sister in Ohio is trying harder than anybody," Lovell said.

And so are police and search teams in Blacksburg. Friday they continued walking streets near her home, searching social media, and have used drones, looking for any clues.

Friday afternoon David and his wife Terri went to Blacksburg from their home in Wytheville to find out more and help search.

He wants Nicole to know this:

"You can come to me. I'm not mad at you. I'm worried about you. Your family is worried about you," Lovell said.

Police aren't saying if she left on her own or with someone, and neither is her dad.
He just wants her safe return.

"We're running out of time," Terri Lovell, her step-mother, said. "We have to find her. We have to find her."