Moms Club of Roanoke & Salem offers coffee chats and lasting friendships

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Most moms love to sip coffee and share stories.
But for members of MOMS Club, it's much more than social.
It's downright therapeutic.

Local moms gather around the kitchen table to coffee, while their kids enjoy a home playdate

"When you're home all day long, it's nice to be able to socialize with other moms to share the trials and tribulations of motherhood," says stay at home mom Anna Sganga.

The mom of three joined Moms Club in 2014, when she moved to Roanoke from Virginia Beach.

"Everything that we do is very kid friendly. We'll meet up usually once a week for coffee. We do a lot of playground play dates," says Sganga.

Once a month, they also have a Moms night out.

Like Sganga, Jenna Cauchi connected with Moms Club when her family moved here from West Virginia.

The former teacher decided to stay home after having her second child.

"Definitely meeting other moms is difficult. So, having a group of moms that have the same values and things that they want to do with their children has been really good," says Cauchi.

Group members point out that MOMS stands for Moms Offering Moms Support, and they say it's made all the difference.

"I have my friends that I worked with that I still stay connected with. But it's just different with moms group, because you have moms that are in the same exact situation and boat as you that can relate daily," says Cauchi.

These ladies have bonded, but they stress they're always ready to greet new mom members.