Montgomery County Christmas Store opens in Christiansburg

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) It was a packed house Tuesday as the first day of Christmas shopping got underway.

"The Christmas Store is an exciting community wide event," the store's founder, Sally Bohland said.

Low-income families, senior citizens, and adults with disabilities are invited to "shop for Christmas with dignity," which is the store's motto.

"They get to shop for their children just like they would in a regular store," volunteer Mary Cooke said.

"Everything is new here and it's no money," Bohland added.

Katlin Stump is shopping for two.

"I'm shopping for my son," she said adding that she's due any minute.

She spent some time in the newborn department before heading to the toy store.

"We got a couple little toys for him so we're excited to use those," Stump said.

Bohland said she loves seeing the shoppers and the volunteers having fun together.

"If we can still provide the shopping experience for them it gives them a little bit of joy in their life," she said. "And really those of us that work here get as much from being here as the shoppers."

Eighteen-hundred volunteers are needed throughout the week to run the store. Some even come from out of state to help.

"We moved to Dallas two years ago and this is just a great time to come back, stay in touch with the people I know, both the people who work in the store and the shoppers," Leslie Benson said. "It's just kind of fun to reconnect with everybody."

The Christmas Store is open through Dec. 8. Shopper applications are still being accepted and volunteers are always needed.

More information on how to apply and volunteer can be found on the store's website.