Montgomery County Christmas Store food donations significantly down one week before opening

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A food shortage is putting one area charity organization in a bind just one week before its largest event of the year.

Shelves at the Montgomery County Christmas Store are usually packed this time of year, but low donations have left some of them with extra space.

The store is in need of canned food, like fruit and beans, they also need cake mixes, and peanut butter.

"It was low last year too and we did a last minute appeal to the community but this year it seems it's much worse than that. And I think it may be because all these other factors are draining from us this year," said Joan Cliff, the food coordinator at the Montgomery County Christmas Store, mentioning natural disasters and other charities that held big donation events this year.

The Christmas Store helps people in Montgomery County who are in need.

It will open to shoppers for the season next week. Donations are accepted everyday from 9 until 4.