Montgomery County Sheriff's Office stops using body cameras after defects

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is no longer using body cameras for now after of years of malfunctions with their current system.

The office stopped using the cameras last month after many of them duplicated serial numbers on cameras and linked those units to different officers making it difficult find video.

Issues started almost immediately after they were put to use about two years ago.

The manufacturer has made adjustments to the system but they've found no solution.

"Every fix that they've given us has not worked. We've tried so many different things that at a certain point we just have to say enough is enough and we need to cut our ties with those body cameras. So at this point we're looking at new vendors to see what's a better alternative," said Capt. Edward Hertling, with the sheriff's office.

The county bought nearly 90 cameras three years ago from the company L3 for more than $32,000. The office is now looking at a new system.