Montgomery County gives land to Blacksburg for new park, sells remaining former AEP property

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) Montgomery County is giving 9.25 acres of land to Blacksburg to make a new park.

It's part of the old 12 acre AEP Property north of Nick Ryan Drive in Blacksburg which the County has owned for around 20 years.

AEP donated the land to the county, asking that it be used for a Parks and Rec area.

Board Chair Christopher Tuck said originally he wanted to sell all of it for a cost.

But neighbors came out in droves over the past few months saying they're already using the space as a park and want to see more done with it.

While it's the same use which Blacksburg wanted the controversial old High School property for, these two decisions are in absoluty no way related, Tuck said.

"They're about probably a mile and a half apart, the Board Chair explained. "But I do think that this goes to show you that the Town and the County can work together on different projects. This was a very different piece of property than the high school property. The high school was given to us with the understanding we would sell it and use the money for schools. This piece of property was given to us with the understanding it would be used for Parks and Rec."

Blacksburg Town Council now has to vote to accept the land into the Town and under their control.

The remaining 2.75 acres of the property was sold to a Jeffrey Stosser for a single family home.

He paid $100,00 for the land, which goes to the Montgomery County Parks and Rec Department.

The Board voted unanimously on the sale to Stosser.

However, it was a 6-1 vote on giving the property to Blacksburg.

The lone 'No' vote, Todd King, expressed concern over what happens to the property if Blacksburg doesn't want to accept.

Three Supervisors who live in Blacksburg, Mary Biggs, April DeMotts, and Darrell Sheppard, all assured him that wouldn't happen as Town Council members have told them Blacksburg wants the property.

Tuck hopes a decision will be made by the Town within 30 days.