Montgomery County pumpkin farm prospers after challenging season

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MONTGOMERY CO., Va. (WDBJ7) As the sun peeks over the mountains on a crisp fall morning, Heidi and Tyler Hawes admire a field filled with pumpkins.

In 2018, Madison Farm faced hurricanes, heavy rains and flooding, followed by scorching heat.

By October first, the pumpkin sales were done.

"Rain just beat the pumpkin plants down," Tyler told us, "and then the heat hit them and they were pretty much cooking from the inside out."

"Last year we were done, sad, upset," Heidi agreed." And this year we're just getting started. It's finally fall here. It's cold, and we're ready to roll."

Madison Farm is located near Shawsville on U.S. 460. The farm's retail lot will be open this weekend.

And judging from the response so far, Heidi and Tyler Hawes are optimistic their hard work and a colorful collection will deliver a successful season.

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