Montgomery County receives 400 emergency calls during Tuesday snow storm

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) The winter weather made another appearance Tuesday. There were white out conditions in the New River Valley. With the snow, came a number of wrecks.

Now emergency officials are explaining what happened after working extra long hours. The snow fell fast and without much warning. It's still a big conversation topic in the New River Valley.

Parking lots and roads became a sheet of ice and created a long night for first responders and people trying to get home.

The snow showers were forecasted, people were expecting it.

"The timing couldn't have been worse," said Neal Turner, the Montgomery County Emergency Services Coordinator.

It fell right as people were leaving work and school. Roads became sheets of ice in an instant.

"It came so quickly, you couldn't dismiss your work staff in time to get them on the roads because the roads were slick," Turner said.

15 minute commutes home were instead two or three hours long.

Stranded drivers turned to social media to voice their fears and frustrations warning friends of bad road conditions, wrecks, and backed up traffic.

Nearly every main artery in the New River Valley was backed up. It also turned into a nightmare for first responders and plow crews attempting to answer calls and make roads safe.

"When you have traffic that was so congested last night you don't get fire trucks you don't get VDOT trucks you don't get police cars or ambulances, anything doesn't go through because there's such a congested passage way," Turner said.

In some instances, plow trucks had to be escorted by first responders to clear roads.

Montgomery County received about 400 calls for assistance in a 12 hour period. That's compared to about 80 to 100 on an average night.

"Out of those 400 phone calls we probably heard 200 radio transmissions from first responders and law enforcement and so on and so forth that said the road is a solid sheet of ice," Turner said.

24 hours later, it's a different story. Roads were clear again by Wednesday.

Neal Turner suggests having an extra set of warm clothes, snacks, and patience in your car just in case.