Montgomery County says more offers are coming in on Old BHS property in meeting with school board

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MONTGOMERY CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Montgomery County is still accepting offers on the old Blacksburg High School property.

The supervisors said in a joint meeting with the school board they will not land bank the property for a future school.

Some school board members asked that Blacksburg be allowed to buy the land to use as a park, even if their offer is slightly less than others.

Other said they need the full asking price to build more schools in the county.

Board of Supervisors Chair Chris Tuck said, "We have been contacted by multiple developers, we have received offers on the property, but at this point in time our board's position is that it is $3 million as is."

The school board said if a neighborhood is built, students need to be bused to another school instead of the overcrowded elementary school.