Montgomery County sells former Blacksburg High School property

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Montgomery County has completed the sale of property that once was the site of a prominent high school. The property had been up for sale since late 2016.

On Tuesday, Nov. 21, HS Development, L.L.C., purchased the former Blacksburg High School from Montgomery County, according to a release from the Montgomery County Public Information Office.

"I am glad we have completed the sale of the old Blacksburg High School property," said Christopher Tuck, Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors.

"Now we will be able to reinvest the three one million payments for this property into worthwhile Montgomery County Public School capital projects, such as the Christiansburg High School, positively impacting both our students and our community," said Tuck.

HS Development paid one million at closing. An additional one million is due in April 2019, and the final payment of one million is due in April 2020, according to the release.