More phone charging stations coming to downtown Blacksburg

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Next time a bartender yells last call in Blacksburg, students will have charged phones.

Charging stations are now being installed in downtown restaurants and bars.

Blacksburg Police say many students lose power on their phones when bars close and can't call for a ride home.

"What we're hearing is they feel more secure. They come downtown, they know if they're walking home and they're less than 10 percent they can just stop in Champs and now they'll be able to stop in Top Of The Stairs and quickly get their phone charged enough to get home," said Chief Anthony Wilson with the Blacksburg Police Department.

This is part of No Hokie Left Behind. Students helped raise money for and install the stations.

"When you're downtown and you're out until one or two in the morning, your phone is definitely dead, so it's very helpful," said Tom DiBenedetto, a Virginia Tech student.

About eight more will be set up in bars throughout downtown Blacksburg by Spring.