Occasional outages affect WDBJ7 during transmission issues

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) We are aware of continued intermittent outages involving our transmitter. Our engineers are working on it and will have the signal permanently restored on channels 7 and 24 as soon as possible.

Outages have affected viewers who get us via antenna and cable, plus Dish and DirecTV.

Our engineers have released this information:

"Due to the construction of our new transmitter and antenna we are operating at half power because our old transmitter is on generator power. The generator that the contractor has provided is having issues creating stable power. They are currently working on the generator trying to stabilize the power.

"We can't install the new transmitter while operating off of APCO power for the safety of the workers doing the installation.

"During the time of transition to our new systems and our new frequency we will have periods of time where we will have to be at low power until we can finish the whole project.

"The good news is that when the transition is complete we will be at higher power than ever.

"We apologize for the inconvenience during the transition. Please know that we are trying to keep the disruption to a minimum as we make the changes required by the FCC's sale of the broadcast spectrum to the wireless carriers."

If you rescan during the outage, the already-scheduled September 6 rescan will still need to be performed.

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