Mother of stolen infant describes relationship, moments surrounding abduction

Published: Jun. 4, 2018 at 5:39 PM EDT
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Emma’s mom spoke with WDBJ7. She says her relationship with Carl Kennedy, the person who took Emma, was an abusive one.

If you want to see Kristen Murphy smile, just ask about her daughter.

“She looks like a little porcelain doll with her little cheeks,” she said.

But that smile quickly fades when she thinks about what could be happening.

“I love her more than I love anything,” she said. “I love her more than I love myself.”

She says Emma's dad, Carl Kennedy, had been harassing them for the past month. Murphy says she broke off their three year relationship in March after he was arrested on drug charges. She says he was out of jail and asked to meet her at this gas station in Danville.

“And so in hope of him leaving me alone, I went go to meet him,” said Murphy.

She says he tried to get in her vehicle, started hitting her, and attempted to stab her. He eventually took off with Emma in his car. She believes with his lengthy criminal history, her daughter's life is in danger.

“He has nothing left to lose now,” she said. “I feel like he would hurt Emma… He's just going to either A disappear or B I'm never going to see her again because he's going to harm her. I think he's that sick.”

She says she's upset at the response she's gotten from police, and she wants a nationwide AMBER alert.