'Ms. Monopoly' celebrates women inventors

'Ms. Monopoly' board game claims to be first game where women make more than men. (Credit: Hasbro/Walmart)
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'Ms. Monopoly' board games aims to celebrate women entrepreneurs and inventors, according to its description by Hasbro.

The game claims to be the first game where women make more than men.

In the game, players can buy inventions created by women, instead of buying properties. The iconic items wouldn't exist without women, according to Hasbro. These items include WIFI, chocolate chip cookies, bullet proof vests, and more.

'Ms. Monopoly' introduces new characters, like Mr. Monopoly's nice, a self-made investment guru.

New themed tokens available in 'Ms. Monopoly' are a notebook and pen, a jet, a glass, a watch, a barbell, or Ms. Monopoly's white hat.

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