Music featured in special assembly at Lexington elementary school

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) Sometimes, school is more than math and reading assignments. On Friday, it was music, in a special assembly, at Lexington's Waddell Elementary.

Teaching came with a beat at the assembly on Friday.

"The principal said they were quieter than normal, which means they liked it. It's hard to keep 350 kids quiet," Lime Kiln Theater Executive Director Spencer McElroy,

It wasn't hard to get the kids to learn a traditional dance step, either.

"You can see some of the kids really getting into the beat of the music right away," musician Danny Knicely said.

"It's not the music they hear on the radio and things like that that they hear all the time, so it really gives them a different perspective and reminds them of what else is out there," Waddell Elementary School Principal Timothy Martino said.

It was a special event pulled together by Lexington's Lime Kiln Theater as part of Music in our Schools Month, where they not only played, but explained about traditional Appalachian music.

"This type of music is very special to this part of the country and I think it used to be more prevalent than it is now also, but it is an important part of our history," McElroy said.

And, apparently, it's just plain fun.

"The sign of a good program is a lot of smiles, and we certainly had 313 of them today," Martino said.