NASCAR driver shares iRacing with high school students

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MATINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - If you want to become good at something its probably going to take hard work--and you're going to have to start...somewhere.

"It was a different way to get involved," said NASCAR driver, William Byron.

Byron's start was behind a screen. A simulation known as iRacing.

"People didn't really believe me at first, but then when they saw what I could do on the track, they started to believe in it," said Byron.

Byron is now driving car number 24 for Hendricks Motorsports. He's only 20 which is why he can relate to a group of high school students.

"Its very realistic, its not forgiving at all, but its very fun," said Martinsville junior, Sam Haskew.

Haskew was the first one to jump into the drivers seat after watching Byron, but he needed some guidance from the pro as he quickly learned it looks a lot easier than it is.

"It gives me a lot of motivation that it is possible to start with this and move up to the highest end of motorsports," said Haskew.

And that's what Byron hopes for kids like Haskew; showing the next generation an unconventional way to be successful.

"Yeah I think its an opportunity out there for people to learn and I'd love to see more people get chances at it," said Byron.

At the end of the day, the students got one more surprise: a free year subscription to iRacing, something Haskew said he is extremely excited about.