NC distillery making hand sanitizer available for first responders, heathcare workers

A distillery in North Carolina is helping front-liners impacted by the hand sanitizer shortage during the coronavirus pandemic. (Source: Southern Distilling Company)

STATESVILLE, N.C. (WBTV)-- A distillery in North Carolina is helping front-liners to get access to hand sanitizer during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hand sanitizer was one of the first items to disappear from stores as people tried to protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19.

Southern Distilling Company, a craft liquor distiller in Statesville, says the company has shifted its focus from producing alcoholic beverages to manufacturing “significant quantities” of hand sanitizer for first responders, heathcare providers, essential businesses, and other agencies in need of the product.

“With the temporary closing of local restaurants and bars, including its own tasting room, the distillery’s manufacturing shift has also created new jobs for displaced service industry workers,” Southern Distilling Company says.

The distillery will create 32oz sanitizer refill bottles containing 80% alcohol and manufactured to the approval of the World Health Organization, the company says.

The sanitizer will be priced at $14.99 a bottle and is for commercial use only.

Southern Distilling is accepting case orders online at and by phone at 704-978-7175.

Bulk 55-gallon drums are available for $2,970 each, as well as 270-gallon IBC totes.

“We hope that our efforts and those of other distilleries across the country to be part of the solution to this hand sanitizer shortage will help meet the current needs of our local communities and beyond,” distillery co-owner Pete Barger said. “We are all in this fight together.”

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