NRV Taskforce holds town hall on government during COVID-19

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7)— Wednesday, folks in the New River Valley had a chance to get their questions answered about how the region’s government has been handling COVID-19 and its economic impact.

Those on the Zoom call said they haven’t been changing what they do, they’re just approaching everything in a different way to cope with the situation.

They say they had to make huge adjustments to align with CDC guidelines, but they are hopeful that the changes they have made, especially with technology, will help them better serve the community moving forward.

“Honestly sometimes government’s a little slow to change the way we do things and this has been an opportunity to step back and look at what we’re doing,” said Montgomery County Administrator Craig Meadows. “I’m very hopeful that when we’re done with this, some of the changes in technology and whatnot, should make for more efficient service for the citizens which is what we’re all about.”

You can watch the entire video here:

This is the third of a series of town halls, continuing next Wednesday at 6 p.m. on the Montgomery County YouTube page with local and small business owners. You can see previous meetings here:

Submit questions for next town hall here.

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