Frank Ruff Jr. secures Republican nomination for 15th District Senate race

DANVILLE, Va (WDBJ)- The ballot for Virginia's 15th Senate district came down to an incumbent and a first-time challenger.

Frank M. Ruff Jr. was able to secure the Republican nomination Tuesday night, winning about 79% of the vote at last check.

Ruff, the incumbent, has severed four terms, representing the district since 1999. Challenger Dale Sturdifen is a former State Trooper.

The was the first time the district has held a Republican primary since Ruff has been in office.

"It's different because you don't want to say anything bad and you want to keep it positive." said Ruff when asked about running against another Republican.

Ruff says he'll now shift his focus to the race in November, he says he hopes to increase the area's workforce.

"We're trying to get people trained on skills needed today and we've done a great job with getting fast training for good paying jobs." said Ruff.

Ruff will also keep his conservative stance on abortion and second amendment rights.

A Democratic candidate for the seat has not been named yet, so it's not clear who Ruff might face in November.