Mike Miller wins Republican nomination for Bedford County Sheriff

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Mike Miller secured the Republican nomination for Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday night. Miller received 47.6 percent of the vote.

Kent Robey, a Bedford County native with federal and local law enforcement experience, secured 37.98 percent of the vote. David Wells, a Bedford County native and son of Former Sheriff Carl Wells, secured 14.42 percent of the vote.

Miller is a captain at the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office and has served with the department for the last 35 years. He said the biggest challenges facing the department are pay issues for deputies and retention of deputies.

Miller told WDBJ7 Tuesday afternoon that his campaign promise is, “getting the deputies more pay and more officers on the street without raising taxes."

Miller’s nomination sets the stage for the upcoming election. For the first time in nearly a quarter of a century, Bedford County voters will elect a new sheriff in Nov. Longtime Sheriff Mike Brown announced his retirement in Jan.

“I know the department inside and out. I know its strengths, I know its weaknesses,” said Miller. “I believe I am the next leader of this county.”

Miller will go up against Tim Hayden, who is also a captain at the sheriff’s office, and James Kirkland, a K9 handler and deputy with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office. Kirkland and Hayden are running as Independents.