Napping moose closes library in Colorado

Silverthorne Police Department

(Gray News) – If you want the best books, you have to show up early.

A branch of the Silverthorne, CO, library couldn’t open Wednesday morning. It wasn’t a snowstorm causing the delay - a young moose decided to take a nap near the front door.

Police snapped a picture of the snow-dusted critter and posted it to their Facebook account.

“The North Branch Library, here in Silverthorne, Colorado is temporarily closed due to a moose making an attempt at higher learning, and blocking the entrance,” the police department tweeted. “Please stay away from the library and DO NOT approach the moose.”

Eventually, the moose moved on and life in the Colorado town, about 60 miles west of Denver, returned to normal.

“The moose has turned in his books and left the area,” police said on Twitter. “The library is back open!!”

No doubt, “If You Give a Moose a Muffin,” was a popular choice from the children’s section that day.