Natalie Keepers again asks Montgomery County judge to throw out statements

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) The woman accused of helping plan the murder of Blacksburg teenager Nicole Lovell, then hiding her body is asking a Montgomery County judge to reconsider throwing out statements she made to investigators.

Lawyers for Natalie Keepers told the judge Wednesday they want him to take a second look at his ruling. They're requesting nearly everything she said to those investigators who questioned her not be included in the trial.

If not, they request several statements she made to police be removed from evidence. They argue she wasn't appropriately mirandized.

Earlier this year the same judge threw out part of her statements during that questioning period.

The judge made no ruling Wednesday. Her trial begins in February. The same time her friend David Eisenhauer's trial is set to begin. He's charged with abduction and murder of Lovell.