National D-Day Memorial closes over coronavirus concerns

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7)-- The National D-Day Memorial will close through April 23.

Signs sit outside the gated entrance to the National D-Day Memorial informing people of the closure. WDBJ7 photo.

The closure comes in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Memorial officials say that many out-of-state residents come through to visit the memorial, and that the effort is to limit spread of the virus.

"Many of whom are coming from high-risk areas and quite honestly we just felt like out of an abundance of caution, the best thing we could do to protect our staff and our visitors and guests in our community was to go ahead and temporarily close the site," said April Cheek-Messier, National D-Day Memorial president.

In the meantime, digital content will be available online for people to use to stay connected.

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