National D-Day Memorial remembers Virginians missing in action

Published: Sep. 21, 2019 at 5:58 PM EDT
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Missing but not forgotten. Saturday, a crowd of people remembered the hundreds of soldiers from right here in the Commonwealth who went out to serve our country and never came home.

Bobby Daniels read off the names of Virginia service members who left for war and never returned.

"For each name on that list, there's someone who feels the same way about that name as I do about my uncle's name," Daniels said.

He's named after his uncle, Bobby Rae Daniels, a Bedford native who went MIA in Korea in 1954.

"What we need to do is remember these names and not forget what these men sacrificed for us," Daniels added.

Which is why the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford holds a ceremony every year to honor these men.

"It's so important for us as Americans to remember those who are still unaccounted for and as a nation to come together to support their families and make sure everything is being done to bring them home," April Cheek-Messier, CEO and President of National D-Day Memorial, said.

This event gives the Daniels family a chance to look back on their lost loved ones.

"My wife was actually contacted by someone here at the memorial, and I jumped at the opportunity, I didn't know what was expected, but I was very humbled being here, and seeing all of these other speakers and looking at all the names on the list," Daniels said.

The names of 238 Virginians still missing in action.

"It really hits home for people that these were individuals who had hopes and dreams like anyone else," Cheek-Messier said.

Speakers also shared songs, and the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets presented the colors.

"We still have over 82,000 Americans still unaccounted for today who served at various times in our country, and it's important not only this time of year but all year to think about them and know that they're still out there," Cheek-Messier said.

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