Nearly 1,000 show up for Bedford County 2nd Amendment sanctuary hearing

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ) - There wasn't a theater performance at Liberty High School Monday night, but there was singing, as residents were allowed to speak their minds during the public comment section of the Board of Supervisors meeting. After two hours of public comments, members voted to make Bedford County a second amendment sanctuary.

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"I want each and everyone else to reach out and grab you by the proverbial belt, and hold on to them and let them know that we have their back because they are going to have our back," said one speaker.

From parents holding their infants while speaking, to teenagers addressing the crowd, nearly 30 speakers took the mic.

"I learned the rules of gun safety when I was in first grade with a BB gun in cub scout camp," said one of three teenagers that spoke.

The first person to speak, and receive one of the loudest bouts of applause, was Sheriff-elect Mike Miller.

"I, along with all of my deputies, have taken an oath to support the constitution and that is exactly what we are going to do," said Miller.

Through each speaker, members of the board of supervisors listened.
One of the few interruptions took place when the only speaker to say something other than "guns save lives" took the mic.

Another one was directed toward our camera.

"Like I said, everyone has already put together what I wanted to say tonight, but to the liberal media that's here...," said one man.

After nearly two hours, the board voted, and now another county gets added to the list of second amendment sanctuaries.

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