Needs Closet provides basic necessities to students at Martinsville High School

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Cops, Kids and Clothes is an organization in Martinsville that helps kids in poverty get the items they need.

Now there is a "Needs Closet" at Martinsville High School.

It has clothes, food and toiletries any kid may be going without.

The man that started it says too many kids live without these basic items many people take for granted.

"One of the biggest obstacles that the kids face in becoming academically more inclined to excel is poverty. It's an obstacle for them and being a police officer for the last 26 years in the city I've seen it firsthand what some of these kids are facing," says Mark Gilbert with Cops, Kids and Clothes.

The Needs Closet will be open to any kid in the school system that needs it.

Donations can be taken to the Crosspoint Church in Ridgeway.