Neighbors want change on busy Carroll County highway after deadly crash

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CARROLL CO., Va. (WDBJ7) It's been less than a week since a deadly tractor trailer wreck on route 58 in Carroll County, but people who live along that busy highway say change was needed years ago.

The truck crashed through an empty home. Neighbors are worried the situation could be even worse if something like this happens again.

"It's terrifying. It really is," said Ruth Baldwin who, with her husband, lives on route 58 in Carroll County near Galax.

The Baldwin family says it's time for a lowered speed limit, flashing lights, or even signs warning drivers they're entering a residential area.

They live just two houses away from the home where the truck crashed, and they now stay on edge when they hear trucks drive by.

Their front door is about 30 feet from the busy highway. Bill and Ruth Baldwin say that's too close for comfort. Especially last Friday when State Police say Johnathan Harding crashed his truck into this home. Troopers say a medical emergency may have been a cause for the wreck.

"It was loud. It was very loud," Ruth said.

Ruth was home when it happened.

"I looked out the door and I saw the truck in the house and I said not again," Ruth said.

Within the last two years, the Baldwins say there have been about three wrecks near their home. Just getting in their driveway is stressful.

"It scares us. We try to give people time to get over and they will literally lay on the horn, flip obscenities to us, you know we're just trying to pull into our own driveway," Bill said.

The speed limit in front of their home is 55 miles per hour. There are 10 homes right next door to a major highway.

"We don't understand why it's so hard to get the speed limit lowered to even 45," Bill said.

"Now there's fatalities involved," Ruth said.

"It seems obvious that something has to be done," Bill said.

They watch some cars out their window going much higher than the speed limit. It concerns them now everyday.

"The danger is real. For us, we live here, we love living here, and we just home someone will pay attention and make something happen," Bill said.

The family hopes this story and their concerns reach someone in power who can make a change.

Ruth says she's contacted VDOT, and area law makers and says she won't back down until something happens.