Nelson County votes to provide $2 million tax relief

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Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 5:22 PM EDT
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Wednesday, the

voted for a complete wipe of personal property taxes.

It affects those taxes from the first half of 2020 through June 5.

It's a move that required an emergency ordinance.

"We realized that our folks here in Nelson County needed some help and we found it that we were gonna give some tax relief for personal property taxes upwards of a couple million dollars," said Jesse Rutherford, east district representative.

Rutherford made the original motion and says it will help keep money in the pockets of residents.

"They don't have to be worrying about that - worrying how they're gonna be paying their electric bill, paying their food bill or whatever bill may be coming around in their life at this time. This is going to be life-changing for a lot of those folks," said Rutherford.

However, a cut like this doesn't come without its impacts. The general fund will take a $900,000 hit.

"Any projects that we have going on, we're gonna be asking ourselves what is absolutely necessary, what is not. We're gonna be looking at equipment - can we get another couple years out of a vehicle or can we get another year out of a piece of equipment? We're going to be asking those tough questions," said Rutherford.

Because of this decision, county employees will not see salary increases that were previously planned. They also won't see an increase in benefits.

"Knowing how many hundreds of people in Nelson County have been laid off or furloughed - hopefully just temporarily - in my mind, it seems inappropriate to be raising wages for these folks when so many people are so painfully impacted in our community," said Rutherford.

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