New Carilion sports performance and rehabilitation center opening

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - A new Carilion Sports Performance and Rehabilition Center will open at Roanoke's Industrial Center. Its unique location inside LAB Sports performance is aimed to make it easier for injured athletes to get the help they need.

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Taylor Griffith is a physical therapist at Carilion Clinic. She works with athletes often.

"We've got a lot of active individuals in Roanoke, we've got student athletes, we've got weekend warriors, we've got a big running community here, we have crossfit gyms, hikers, bikers," Griffith, a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Carilion Clinic, said.

These active individuals and athletes can get training at LAB Sports Performance, and if ever injured, that's what Griffith says Carilion's new sports performance and rehabilitation center is for.

"We're able to provide rehab services after people are injured or for injury prevention, and then move straight to LAB Sports to work on their sports performance, agility, power, more specific skills," Griffith said.

WDBJ7 got a sneak preview of Carilion's new space that's uniquely located inside LAB Sports for a reason.

"Once the injury occurs, once therapy is done, they're not ready to play, so we've been working with them and transitioning those athletes and those active adults from being done with therapy, getting them ready to go back to an active life, back to the sport they play," Robbie Habert, Owner and Director of Sports Performance at LAB Sports Performance, said.

The Carilion space will occupy 4,750 square feet of LAB Sports, an 85,960-square-foot facility that has 5 indoor turf fields and has been around since 2013.

"I think for athletes and parents and coaches it's great, because now you can come to one place, and everyone is speaking the same language, everyone has the same goal, which is the best for that patient, that athlete, to get them where they're at and get them where they want to go," Habert said.

Carilion's rehabilitation center is set to open in November.

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