New Farm Freedom is helping veterans heal

Published: Nov. 13, 2017 at 7:12 AM EST
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The nation celebrated Veteran's day over the weekend, but WDBJ7 wants to continue to share appreciation to the country's armed forces.

One Veteran giving back to fellow service men and women.

Lois Fitz and her team organize t-shirt orders, groom the horses, and chat with visitors at New Freedom Farm. "It's something magic about this place, and you can see it make a difference for the volunteers, the veterans, it makes a big difference for everyone involved," said Kari Shindler, a New Freedom Farm volunteer.

New Freedom Farm was founded by Fitz as a way to give veterans a place to heal and get any type of help they need, She is also veteran and overcoming anxiety, so this farm has touched her life in a big way.

" I didn't get my first horse till I turned 40 at the suggestion of a therapist who said, 'maybe you should try something you always wanted to do as a little girl'. I didn't think I was important enough. So something so magical like a horse is what really helped me heal," said Lois Fritz, Navy Veteran.

The horse is not only healing her, but also many other veterans who come here daily. " Tremendous help to me, I was in a bad place, she brought me out of it," said Tom Barber, Marine Veteran.

The stroke of a mane and care of the animals, is saving lives of those that save the country's freedom. "And we're here for you, and we'll love you till you can love yourself. That is the most important thing is kindness. It isn't just about equine therapy but is Veterans coming together," said Fritz.