New Giles County Motorsports resort hosts New River 500

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GILES CO., Va. (WDBJ7) There will be a rumble through the mountains of Giles County this weekend. Dozens of people are coming from several states to be a part of a wild ride through trails.

Kairos is Giles County's newest Motorsports park and event center. This weekend, dozens of dirt bike enthusiasts will tour the Blue Ridge Mountains through miles of freshly cut trails.

The sound of a dirt bike is one only a Motorsports lover could enjoy.
And there's a view of the two Virginias that's hard to pass by.

"It's in two states. It's on the state line. We're half in Virginia and half in West Virginia," Shawn Hash, co-owner of Kairos, said.

Kairos will officially welcome its first big event as Motocross dirt bike riders take part in the New River 500.

"We're staying here and riding motorcycles out to Paint Bank tomorrow and then we'll be riding out to Bland County on Sunday and between the two days we'll be doing about 155 miles a day," Hash said.

That's about 310 miles on a bike all weekend.

Crews spent the day pouring gravel and making last minute touches for the weekend's event in the resort's RV park. The more than 1,500-acre resort will soon have cabins, a wedding venue, and 30 miles of trails cleared for mountain biking, ATV riding, or hiking.

"This place is going to become a multifaceted events place. We have people from as far away as New Hampshire and Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, it should be a pretty cool inaugural event," Hash said.

People were starting to arrive Friday afternoon. Registration is today. Riders will take off Saturday morning.