New Hope Center Ministries Center for women opens in Cascade

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - If you're looking for the new Hope Center Ministries center for women, you may be looking for a while. Located at 1070 Mountain Run Rd. in Cascade, the center is tucked away, about half a mile down the driveway which starts with a mailbox, indicating the address.

But while the location isn't all that easy to find, the problem it helps, is.

"Even before I worked here I saw it, saw it in friends I went to school with or college or even coming back to the area," said Travis Byrd, the district director of Hope Center Ministries for Virginia.

Addiction - it's the common theme the women here share, but not the one they plan to leave with.

"I think when they come in the center most of them are tired of being a slave to that drug or alcohol and they're ready for a new life," said Tonya Walker, the Hope Center Danville director.

Participants are residents in the faith based program for 8-12 months, and have a schedule that doesn't allow for much free time.

"They get up pretty early in the morning, 4:45, they do have chores, devotions, a bible study," said Walker.

And the strict routine helps keep the women grounded and focus on what's most important.

"I was at a point where I was watching myself die slowly. And I know that for me, this program is all I got and I know that I've got to change my life," said Emily Bradley, one of the seven current residents.

Before Hope Center Danville, she had been to treatment nine other times.

"I would be sober for a little bit and then I'd relapse, so there's always something underlying that I don't deal with," said Bradley.

So in the months to come - the book work and the chores, and the fellowship - it will all work together to target the things that led these ladies down dark paths.

The center still has room for more women. Once all the beds are set up, 20 total women can live in the house.