New Lexington mural to be painted by community

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) Much of the party Saturday will be up in the field by the Nelson Street Bridge into Lexington.

But one fun part is underneath …

Where artist Brenna O’Grady is doing some creative math and taping.

“Got to do all the math, and then make sure everything’s spaced out,” she explains.

Because, with a little help, she’s laying out a mural.

“It’s a large scale paint by numbers, basically.," O’Grady says. "So we’ll outline everything in the color that it’s going to be painted in, and then the community members can just come and fill in the painting step-by-step just based off of which color each area should be.”

“We know that in many places, murals are really a good draw for tourists," says Stephanie Wilkinson, the Executive Director of Main Street Lexington, one of the Rock the Bridge sponsors. "People love to have their pictures taken in front of a mural that really identifies a place.”

“And murals by nature just help us to connect to a space," says O'Grady. "But we’re doing that in even a bigger way here, because community members not only get to view the mural, they’re participating in the creation of it.”

The first step towards things to come.

Wilkinson says: “We’re starting small and modest, but we have plans for murals in other more visible places downtown.”